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Sprinkler Systems Services in Torrance, California

Torrance Residential Irrigation System

Proper irrigation and water management is responsible for every lush green lawn in Torrance. In many areas of the country, annual rainfall isn't quite enough to keep the grass lush green all year round. Sprinkler systems offer the perfect solution. Types of irrigation systems range from simple above-ground sprinklers to elaborate, automated in-ground systems to garden drip irrigation systems. Sprinkler & Irrigation service and can be separated into three main categories: installation, repair, and maintenance.

Leading Irrigation System Repair In Torrance

Sprinkler System Repair Torrance

When a sprinkler head is broken you'll notice it immediately. Some symptoms of a broken irrigation system include:

  • Fountain or geyser of water flow
  • Unusual puddles
  • Excessive water flowing on the sidewalk and/or street
  • Inconsistent functionality

If you notice that one of your fountain heads looks like a geyser, don't panic! First, shut off the water. You can do this near where the main irrigation line connects to the water supply line. As a last resort, you can shut the water off to your home and call a technician.

Irrigation Repair Service Torrance

Preventative Maintenance

Sprinkler system have many mechanical and electrical parts which need to be cleaned or replaced from time to time. Some indicators that your system needs maintenance include:

  • Limited range of motion in the fountain head
  • Non-functioning zones
  • Dry spots in your grass
Irrigation System Repair

Choosing An Irrigation Specialist

Not all landscaping irrigation companies are the same. When you need repair service on your system you need an expert in the field who has fixed problems similar to yours many times. That way the repair can be done quickly and hassle free. The certified landscapers at Local Landscaping use the latest best practices and technologies to repair irrigation systems. Call your local service provider above to schedule emergency service or preventative maintenance of your sprinkler system.

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